Spiral Membrane Separation

Suntar provides spiral wound membrane systems with a variety of filtration accuracy for different requirements, including spiral wound membrane systems in the range of Micro-filtration, Ultra-filtration, Nano-filtration and Reverse Osmosis.

Spiral wound NF membrane systems are suitable for desalination, reduction of monosaccharide and concentration processes.

RO separation technology is widely applied in water treatment processes by removing impurities including inorganic ions, bacteria, virus, organics and colloids from the raw water to get pure water of higher quality.

Spiral Membrane Separation

Principal Advantagess

  • Compact structure, small footprint, and low investment cost, due to:
  • 1) Extremely high packing density, optimized cost

    2) Low operating pressure, and low requirements on maintenance

  • Highly automatic control is available


  • Antibiotics, vitamins, amino acids (removal of color, protein, concentrate and desalination)
  • Food and beverage (separation and purification of oligosaccharides and starch sugars; decoloring of neutralized liquor of monosodium glutamate; clarification and decoloring of beverage, concentration of juice, extraction of plants)
  • Electrophoretic painting wastewater reclamation (in automobile and instruments industries)
  • Dyestuff (desalting and concentration)
  • Recovery of Mother Liquor (impurities removal from crystallization mother liquor of monosodium glutamate and glucose)
  • Water Treatment (printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, municipal wastewater reclamation, ultrapure water preparation)
  • Acid and Alkali Recovery (acid and alkali wastewater in pharmaceutical and chemical fiber industries)
  • Desalination, purification of surface, underground, or sea water for drinking or other purposes