ATEX Preparative HPLC System with DAC Chromatography column

ATEX Commercial Scale Preparative series Liquid Phase Chromatographic separation and purification system includes larger DAC column and Prep HPLC System. CS- Prep HPLC system mainly includes Infusion pumps, Positive Pressure Explosion -proof Electrical Cabinet, Slurry mixing, Detection, and Injection, Fraction collection, Control and Data processing system

Because of Diaphragm pump has a higher resistance, so it is widely used in many countries. Hanbon can customize different CS – Prep Liquid Phase Chromatographic Separation and Purification System from CS – Prep 150 – 2000mm.Also we can provide the Preparative HPLC system that has a Plunger Piston technology with excellent quality and reasonable price with flow rate of 10, 20, 40, 80, and 120L/min High Pressure Plunger Piston Pumps.

With the evolving needs of the industry for enhanced productivity at lower cost of production, Hanbon offers a comprehensive of chromatography based purification solutions. The ATEX Prep HPLC mainly includes a diaphragm type pump for the slurry transfer as well as required valves for easy packing/Unpacking operations. The control panel displays the different flow paths for column, packing unpacking operations

We Promise

  • Industrial PLC equipped with PC interface and Real- time monitoring of all process parameters
  • Validated software based on GAMP 5 or Clarity and compliant with 21 CFR parts 11 and same software from lab to industrial scale for seamless scale- up.
  • Technical training, discussion and local services


SystemRangeAdaptive DAC
CS – Prep –L ATEX Diaphragm Piston Pump System 0 ~180 DAC200/300
CS – Prep –S ATEX Diaphragm Piston Pump System 40 ~ 300 DAC200/300
CS – Prep –M ATEX Diaphragm Piston Pump System 40 ~ 1000 DAC450/500/600
CS – Prep –L ATEX Diaphragm Piston Pump System 100 ~ 3000 DAC800/1000