Clarity chromatography station

Clarity chromatography station is an effective tool for the acquisition, processing and evaluation of data from any gas or liquid chromatograph with analog output and from selected chromatographs with digital output. In the maximum configuration, it is possible to measure on up to four chromatographs simultaneously

The station is equipped with support tools for automatic cooperation with chromatographs and auto samplers.

Clarity meets the requirements of FDA’ s directive 21 CFR Part 11.The Clarity station automatically processes all data acquired using CSW Stations. Clarity Station is effective and user friendly in operation.

Key Features

    • Measuring Simultaneous data acquisition from up to four sixteen detector chromatographs (4×16 configuration).
    • Integration There are extensive possibilities for modifying chromatograms. The chromatogram can be changed by entering global parameters or interactively, through the direct graphical modification of the baseline.
    • Overlay Simultaneously displays a virtually unlimited number of chromatograms and their mathematical modification, for example, mutual deductions or derivations of any order.
    • Calibration Internal and external standard calculation methods, calibration of groups of peaks and reference peaks for better identification.
    • Automated measuring support Sequence tables for any set of samples with or without an auto sampler.
    • Postrun Automatically displays, prints, exports and starts other programs after completion of measurement.
    • Summary result tables Di splays and prints selected results formal simultaneously displayed chromatograms.
    • User settings User selects parameters for peak display and the specification for axes, including  col or from an extensive array of color settings. Text label s and lines, either as part of the area or anchored to a chromatogram, may al so be inserted.
    • Export Optional export of al l results with or without the chromatogram, in various formats, into a file or clipboard.
    • Import Imports chromatograms or mathematical curves, which have been saved in text or AIA formats, from other programs.
    • Method and calibration history Each chromatogram can easily be displayed under the same conditions as when it was printed, exported or saved.
    • Column performance Calculations of peaks in terms of symmetry, efficiency, resolution; al l by several methods (tangent, moments, etc.).
    • Batch Automatically batch processes, displays, exports or prints any number of chromatograms.
    • User calculations User can define custom calculations in the Result and Summary tables. Using the integrated editor you can create your own columns from the original columns and individual mathematical functions.
    • User accounts Sets up access rights and passwords (including theirparameters, e.g., minimum length, validity, etc.). Each user can define his or her own station appearance.
    • Audit trail Records selected events and operations into a special file.Records selected operations directly into a chromatogram.
    • Electronic signature Each chromatogram can be electronically signed. Signature selection is based on the username or the signature certificate.