Hanbon Dynamic Axial Compression Column

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  • HANBON DAC is a feature of preparative and process chromatography columns whereby a movable piston constantly applies a controlled pressure on the chromatographic performance
  • HANBON Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) systems are offered in laboratory, pilot, and production scale ranges from 50mm to 2000mm ID.
  • HANBON DAC systems are user friendly and allow operators to pack chromatography media easily. HANBON offers highly efficient, durable, and reproducible chromatography media.
  • HANBON DAC columns can be packed at the production site or nearby the production site if desired as the column
  • HANBON Dynamic axial compression (DAC) technology for purification of gram to kilogram Quantities of small molecules, peptides oligonucleotides and small recombinant proteins
  • AS one of global pioneers in preparative high performance chromatography we can design manufacture and installation of reliable preparative and process scale chromatography columns. We promise the best performance of both our systems and DAC columns.

Technical Specifications:

Column Diameter 50mm to 1200mm
Column Length 650mm to 1300
Column inner wall roughness ≤0.1µm to ≤0.2µm
The Effective Packing Height ≤450mm to ≤ 800mm
Column Design Pressure ≤10Mpa to ≤ 20Mpa
Hydro-cylinder design pressure ≤35Mpa
Column End Cap Connection Type Quick Chain; Clamp locking
Wetted Material SUS316L;PTFE;PEEK;TEFLON
Hydro-cylinder Material 45#Qualitative Carbon Steel
The Rack Material SUS304
The Packing Method Down Packing