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Your Vision is Our Passion

Who We Are

HANBON-INTECH is one of the leading Instrumentation Companies in India, was establised in 2010 by a group of Technocrats, with the main aim of making available the latest Technological in Preparative Purification Systems.
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What We Do

HANBON-INTECH is a largest manufacturing Company in China. The main focus of the company is Research and Development of Preparative HPLC Technology. It includes Laboratory ,Pilot and Commercial Scale.
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Why Choose Us

Our highly qualified professionals, with more than two decades of experience in such varied fields and undergoing periodical training, are our main assets.We take great pride in offering prompt service and excellent after sales support.
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Our Quality Service Policy

  • Quality is the basis for the long-term profitability and growth of Our Company. In the industries we serve, we strive to be every customer’s first choice.
  • We are committed to create value for our customers by continually listening to our customers, offering the customers innovative and competitive technologies, products and services that deliver on its commitments.
  • We Continually achieve high degree of customer satisfaction by understanding, meeting the contractual requirements and satisfying their expectations.
  • To surpass the expectations of our clients, fulfilling the acquired obligations through the continuous improvement of our products and services and the efficiency of our management system.

  • India is currently changing ahead into mainstream pharmaceutical markets around the world with many companies taking their operations worldwide. It is a well-accepted fact that to grow and prosper, Indian companies will have to re-think the current business models and move to more global, innovation led growth. That is what we are attempting to build here at Wallace. The Wallace of tomorrow will have a business presence in many markets of the world across the fields of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
  • In India, we are working towards retaining and growing our position of market leadership in purification system areas. We will continue to make considerable investments in product innovation to strengthen our pipeline of affordable Hanbon products for Indian markets.