Preparative HPLC System

The main aim of the Preparative HPLC is to isolate the maximum amount of a certain product at a desired purity in a minimum of time. Its purification ranges from milligrams up to grams.

It can solve semi preparative and other small scale product’s purifications. The loading sample volumes can be reached to grams to meet laboratory needs and research. Flexible system configuration can be used for the Pumps ranges from 50ml – 300ml flow rate is 50mm – 100mm Dynamic Axial Compression.

The pilot scale pump flow rate ranges from 300ml – 1000ml and the Dynamic Axial Compression Column’s portable for this flow rates is under100 – 150mm ID.

It can realize the high pressure gradient operation and can also equip with one unit of the Preparative sampling pump to satisfy with large volume in demand. All GLP can accumulate the number of stroke of plunger piston. The commercial scale system is suitable for running under large flow ranges from 1000ml – 5000ml and the portable columns were under 150mm – 2000mm DAC.

Floating piston design can guarantee working life of the high pressure obstructing ring, electronically damper control can effectively control flow pulsation to guarantee the lowest baseline noise.

Preparative HPLC Specifications

Pumps Flow range 50 to 300ml 300 to 1000ml 1000 to 5000ml
Detector NU 3000C UV Visible NU 3000C UV Visible NU 3000C UV Visible
Flow Cell Flow Cell Flow Cell Flow Cell
Mixer Dynamic Mixer Dynamic Mixer Dynamic Mixer
Injection Valve INJ P Prep INJ P Prep INJ P Prep
Loop Hanbon 20ml Hanbon 20ml Hanbon 20ml
Software Clarity & EasyChrom 1000 Clarity & EasyChrom 1000 Clarity & EasyChrom 1000


DAC Specifications:

Column Diameter 50 to 100mm 100 to 150mm 150to 2000mm
Column Length 650 650 650to 1300mm
Column inner wall roughness ≤ 0.1µm ≤ 0.1µm ≤ 0.1µm to ≤ 02µm
The effective packing height ≤ 450mm ≤ 450mm ≤ 450mm to ≤ 800mm
Column Design Pressure ≤25Mpa ≤25Mpa ≤20Mpa to ≤10Mpa
Hydro – cylinder design pressure ≤30Mpa ≤30Mpa ≤30Mpa to ≤35Mpa
Normal system pressure ≤20Mpa ≤20Mpa ≤15Mpa to ≤7Mpa
Column end cap connection type Quick Chain Clamp Locking Quick Chain Clamp Locking Clarity & EasyChrom 1000
Wetted material SUS316L SUS316L SUS316L
The rack Material SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
The Packing Method Down Packing Down Packing Down Packing