Simulated Moving Bed [SMB]

Hanbon has developed SMB system and it has been approved by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department in 2005, our company has been putting more efforts to realize the industrialization of scientific achievement and applied for Nine patents for SMB

In 2006 Hanbon Chromatographic Instrument Development and Industrial project have been listed to the torch- plan project of Jiangsu Provincial government. Pharmaceutical preparation and purification instrument have obtained the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund.

In November 2007, our company applied for "biological, pharmaceutical SMB chromatogram separation and purification equipment and development of industrialization project has been included into the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu province" special fund project major and special projects (Class A). Patent superiority

Column chromatography method is intermittent, SMB chromatogram introduced to improve the level of automation, production efficiency and production environment, realizing the great improvement of cleaning production. The patent technology

Compared to traditional batch chromatography this process leads to higher yields of purified substances while consuming less eluent and packing material.

Petrol Industry, Sugar Industry, Chiral Separation, Production of Pharmaceutical ingredients, Other Industries.