Weighing & Feeding Isolator


Weighing, distributing and batchingAPl,ADC and other products.

Negative pressure environment, airtight isolation and other means to ensure that products are not affected by the environment and operators.


Fully consistent with IS0-14644, hourly rate standard.

The delivery module realizes the function of material outsourcing and buffering, and the operation module realizes the operation function.

Built in weighing equipment, CIP system consisting of spray guns and gas blowing system.

The exhaust system of isolator adopts PUSHPUSH filter system or BIBO filter system, so as to protect the environment and operator.

Material from entry and exit products, to achieve maximum degree of closed protection.

Weighing & Feeding Isolator

Technical Features

For sampling, weighing and packaging of those high toxicity, high activity drug.

The air chamber and PRT transfer device composed the material transfer system can achieve the safe transfer of samples.

The turbulence mode allows the maximum pollution control during low air speed and resulting in low energy consumption.

Low negative pressure ensures the maximum pollution control and also reduce operator's fatigue.

Low chamber pressure and low wind speed, combined with shock-proof weighing platform to provide stable and accurate sample weighing.

Cylindrical dust-type air filter can be replaced by handling gloves inside the chamber to avoid contamination hurt operator's body.

The system integrates the function of chamber integrity automatic detection.

The smooth inner and outer surfaces is easy to clean.

The lighting system is designed outside the isolator chamber and is easy to maintain. It is easy to do the thoroughly cleaning in the chamber.

Adopts the cleaning gun (CLP) and drainage system.

Optional PUSH-PUSH filter, allowing online filter replacement operation.