Aerosol Photometer


The SP-APM-01 photometer is the advanced digital, linear aerosol photometer using the light scattering method. The basic function of the APM-18 is to sample air or other gases and report the mass concentration of particulates in the sample. The most common application is to detect leaks in high efficiency filter systems.


The instrument uses 7" color touch LCD screen, and ifs easy view the aerosol measurements and pump sampling rates. Using the button to control the instrument conveniently. In-built input editor without Keyboard.

Scanning probe has 3.5" color touch LCD screen, and the tube 12 feet length, real time synchronized with the base instrument.

Reliable and professional pump, detector, and light source. The sensor and key components produced with precision process technology.

Three kinds of data reporting, 2G data RAM, Wireless Printer, USB interface.

Aerosol Photometer