Sterility Testing Isolator


A sterility testing isolator allows for aseptic product testing in an ordinary laboratory environment, ensuring product sterility requirements, and ensuring rapid sterilization of the product.


Composing of a transfer module and an operating module that are all positive pressure system, and the air flow organization is one-way vertical flow.

True system integration performance, integration of VHP sterilizer, rapid transmission port (RTP), bacteria collection instrument, suspended particles and planktonic bacteria monitoring and related sensors.

The internal mobile trolley and rack system can transfer of materials convenient, combined with the sterilization system, to maximize the effect of sterilization.


Technical Specification


External Dimension: W2650*TH750*H 2200mm Buffer chamber size: W850*TH600*H800mm Operating chamber size : W1800*TH600*H800mm

Pressure type

Positive pressure


Main material: SUS316L, T=4.0mm Outside material: SUS304, T=2.0mm Front door: Safetyglass, T=15mm

Air Filtration unit

H EPA(H 14), reserved PAO port and test port

Integrated H202 decontamination system

Dehumidification and regeneration system,heating evaporation system, cycle system, catalytic converter.

Hydrogen peroxide sensor

High concentration (max. 1000ppm)

Hydrogen peroxide sensor

Low concentration (0~20ppm), optional

Sealed form

Inflatable seal, silicone


8 Inches

Shoulder rings

Round, diameter 300mm, POM material


Differential pressure sensor Temperature and Relative humidity sensor Wind speed sensor

Control System

PLC&H MI Language: English All operations are performed through HMI, with three levels of password privileges 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance


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