Analytical HPLC System

NS4101 unitary assay liquid chromatography system and NS4201 binary assay liquid chromatography system are equipped with one or two NP7001C assay liquid chromatography pumps (10ml/min) and a single NU3000C UV detector, which can realize the high-pressure dual-pump gradient mode and achieve your ideal gradient elution effect through manual programming on the display screen or by using a workstation to write or call programs. It is not only suitable for the test and analysis of conventional products, but also can meet your needs of exploring liquid phase analysis method and preparation method.

Analytical HPLC System

Apply to breed


  Luteinizing hormone releasing hormone analogues: goserelin, leproteryline, tripryline, buseryline, histaminoprine, goseryline, etc

  Hypoglycemic polypeptides: esenna, laluruptide, linotide, duraluruptide, abirupeptides, tiduropeptides, etc

  Echinocalcin: cabofenjing, micafenjing, anifenjing, etc

  Other polypeptides: thymus facin, gratiline, tripa, linalotide, thymus pentapeptide, octreotide, somatostatin, vasopressin, follicle-stimulating hormone, bivarudine, etc


Orlistat, clarithromycin, ivermox, sulfonamide sodium, etc.


Carpofenjing, B0, vancomycin, mitomycin, cyclosporine, etc.

Natural Products:

Paclitaxel, huperzine a, camptothecin, saponins, alkaloid injection, etc.