Intech Analytical Instruments

Mr. L. K. Rao

Intech Analytical Instruments was established in year 2010 by Mr. L K Rao, Managing Director and engaged in providing complete purification technology solutions which includes low pressure and high-pressure preparative liquid chromatography systems starting from lab to production scale (ATEX) with Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) column which ranges from 50mm ID to 2000 mm ID of Hanbon Sci.& Tech. We also supply SMB, SFC and Continuous Chromatography Systems in India which caters industry segments like peptide, protein, pharma, natural products and impurities manufacturers. Intech Analytical Instruments is well established in market and have contributed to their customer's success with various products and services. Our dedicated engineers with years of experience have made our footprints strong enough in Indian market. It's not the only benefit associated with lntech; with same expertise our team supports customers in their process starting from method development at R&D facility to batch support at Production Site round the clock. We also have well equipped application lab to support customer activities for initial method development and small-scale purification.

To cater Peptide manufacturers in upstream process lntech Analytical Instruments has spread their wings to supply Peptide Synthesizers as well. lntech is dealing with a wide range of Peptides Synthesizer from Peptide Scientific Inc. an USA based manufacturer who supplies their equipment's worldwide. Their portfolio gives customers lot of options to choose from. Reaction Vessels ranging from 10ml to 800L covers every customer's requirement at R&D Lab, Pilot Production Facility and Industrial Production Site, at the same time those are fully compliant with GMP/GLP. Intech has also tied up with Suntar, engaged with Industrial membrane separation which includes Ceramic,Spiral,Flow-cel,PP/PE membranes. Also provides professional integrated solutions on filtration and purification for various industries, such as biological, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages. Their Solvent Recovery Technology, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technology and Continuous Ion Exchange Technology are world leading solution for the customers in various industries.

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