Auto solvent dispensing system

IIn the chromatographic chromatography production process, a large number of solvents of different proportions will be used for elution, and the traditional liquid preparation method is completed manually by manual, through the configuration tank for preparation, which consumes manpower and material resources, and it is difficult to avoid errors caused by human factors. At the same time, large preparation tanks and liquid storage tanks occupy a lot of capital and workshop space, a large amount of organic solvents are stored in the workshop, which is not conducive to workshop production safety.

Automatic solvent dispensing system is a new type of solvent dispensing technology. It can monitor the concentration of solvent online, realize the automatic mixture ratio and detection of online solvent through mass flow meter, flow regulating valve, online mixer, etc., and ensure the precision and stability of the preparation liquid through advanced closed-loop control technology.

Auto solvent dispensing system

Product Features

  Stable ratio and good reproducibility

  Safe and reliable, high degree of automation

  Online closed-loop intelligent control to improve liquid dispensing accuracy

  Save workshop space and storage tank input, reduce production costs