Automatic Axial Compression Column

ACC series automatic chromatography column is specially designed for the purification of biopharmaceutical. Its intelligent column packing method can ensure the consistency of each packing effect and the repeatability of chromatography results, reduce the risk caused by the large difference in the packing effect between batches in the production process, and avoid the artificial dependence on operators. ACC series automatic chromatography is suitable for most types of chromatography fillers and corresponding column packing methods in the biopharmaceutical industry, consistent with the requirements of product diversification.

Automatic Axial Compression Column

Product Features

  It includes a complete set of automatic column packing workstations, with automatic column packing, discharge and cleaning and maintenance is simple and convenient

  Key components adopt international brands

  Upper and lower limit of chromatography column is under triple protection of software, photoelectric sensor and mechanism, ensuring security and dependability of equipment and operators

  It has patented piston seal design for superior sealing performance

  It has patented piston exhaust structure design, with easy and quick exhaust

  It has scientific structure design of distributors, ensuring even flow

  It has high-precision servo motor drive with high precision operation

  The design meets the hygienic grade without clean corner and pick up liquid material conforms to the requirements of the USP VI or the FDA and other related pharmaceutical laws and regulations

  The cylinder is made of acrylic or stainless steel.The whole cylinder can be rotated to facilitate the disassembly, cleaning and maintenance of the frit