DAC Column

Dynamic Axial Compression columns (Dynamic Axial Compression will Column, DAC for short), is the most mature areas of preparative chromatography using the technology of packing Column, Column packing Column, maintain their own pressure, discharge Column by oneself, have the function of the chromatographic Column and packed Column machine, using DAC loading of chromatographic Column can completely satisfy the continuity of the Column bed, uniformity, stability and tightness requirements, eliminate the influence of the Column bed collapse.

In 2005, Jiangsu Hanbon developed the first dynamic axial compression column with independent intellectual property rights in China, and has built the largest dynamic axial compression column production and assembly workshop in the world. After continuous upgrading, it has been recognized by the international market and exported to more than 20 countries including India, South Korea, Norway, Hungary and Germany. The inner diameter range of dynamic axial compression column is from 50mm to 2000mm, which can provide customized service.

DAC Column

Product Features

  Mature products, stable performance

  Independent intellectual property rights, with a number of patented technology

  Excellent distributor design for linear amplification

  Perfect supporting device, easy to operate and fast

  Column size: diameter 50~1600mm, can be customized