Bio-con Diluting & Dispensing Sys

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing process requires a lot of complex buffer, and the accuracy and repeatability of buffer will have a great impact on product quality. With the increase of cell culture scale and expression quantity, the accurate preparation of extremely large buffer and repeated batch has become a major bottleneck in biopharmaceutical production process. Problems such as batch difference caused by artificial liquid dispensing, long period of liquid dispensing, large number of liquid dispensing tanks, large floor space, and thorough cleaning and verification of dispensing tanks/liquid dispensing tanks have become more and more prominent.

The bio-con online diluting and dispensing system addresses the need for precision and repeatability of complex buffers in the biopharma manufacturing process. In addition, the number of dispensing/storage tanks can be reduced, saving manpower and materials for dispensing and thus reducing production costs.

Bio-con Diluting & Dispensing Sys

Product Features

  It can eliminate the human error, reduce the dispensing time, improve the efficiency and improve the dispensing precision.

  Real-time monitoring and accurate feedback and control of concentration/flow rate, pH and conductance.

  Real-time curve recording of dispensing process and complete audit tracking.

  It can reduce the one-time input cost and cleaning verification cost.

Technical Advantages

As for new building plants

  Reduce the area of liquid dispensing room and liquid storage room by 60%.

  Reduce the volume of liquid dispensing tank and liquid storage tank by 90%.

  Reduce dispensing staff by 60%.

  Reduced dispensing time by 70%.

As for existing plants

  Reduce the cost of cleaning and verifying the dispensing tank and storage tank.

  Increase the precision of liquid dispensing and reduce labor.

  Increase the scale of liquid dispensing and increase the product production capacity by more than 3 times.