MCC Column

MCC adopts the compression way by manual screw to load packing materials, with the advantages of concise configuration, easy for cleaning and manual operation, applied to the switching among diversified products. The chromatography column has compact structure, convenient operation and stable performance. It can meet the requirements of most chromatography packing materials, and has good column packing effect and high column performance from the pilot to the large-scale production in demand. MCC includes 2 designs---MCC-B(manual sealing) and MCC-Q(automatic sealing, pneumatic deblocking), for the various requirements from different users.

MCC Column

Product Features

  Imported Schott finishing glass tube with high strength, easy to seal.

  Column head sideslip design, no need for manual handling.

  The frit can be replaced directly at the bottom without the need to disassemble the cylinder.

  Original and highly reliable column head sealing---manual or automatic.

  Convenient, reliable and safe operation.

  No dead zone in flow path, excellent cleaning performance.

  Imported wetted material, according with USR Class VI and FDA.

  GMP validation files and best services.