SMB System

SMB is a kind of mass transfer equipment that USES the adsorption principle to conduct liquid separation operation. By means of countercurrent continuous operation, the position of material inlet and outlet of the fixed bed adsorption module can be changed to produce the effect of continuous adverse movement of adsorbent and continuous forward movement of material.

The production capacity and separation efficiency of the simulated moving bed are higher than that of the fixed adsorption bed, which can avoid the problems of the moving bed adsorbent wear, dust blocking equipment or pipelines, etc. Therefore, this technology has been widely concerned and applied in recent years.

SMB System

Product Features

  Multiple separation modes within the range of 1-12 columns: single column, batch separation, SMB separation, SSMB separation

  Increased productivity by 2-3 times and reduced media and mobile phases by 30-50%

  Valve assembly design to achieve minimum dead pipe volume

  The key components adopt first-line well-known brands, which are stable and reliable

  Complete DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ verification file system to ensure product quality

  The control software is based on the GE or SIEMENS configuration software model and conforms to the FDA 21CFR Part 11 requirements.