Semi-prep SFC System

The supercritical fluid with good solubility and mass transfer are used as the mobile phase in SFC. The analysis and preparation conditions are optimized by adjusting the composition of the mobile phase, the flow rate, the temperature and the back pressure of the system.

The technique can guarantee the gradient application in the widest range of polarity, which enables SFC to separate most samples soluble in organic solvents. This is a new separation method after GC, HPLC and possess the ease of use of reverse phase chromatography and separation ability of normal phase chromatography, especially in chiral resolution and large-scale preparation.

Semi-prep SFC System

Advantages of SFC

High-speed Separation

SFC usually uses three times the flow rate of HPLC to make the separation faster and save more time.

Less Amount of Solvent

SFC uses CO2 and a small amount of modifier as mobile phase,and the separation is greener and environmentally friendly.

Wide Scope of Application

It is not only suitable for the separation of small and medium polar molecules, but also for some hydrophilic macromolecules.

High Selectivity

The reservation behavior of SFC is significantly different from that of GC,HPLC, and is devoted to solving the problem that traditional separation methods can not meet the requirements.