Bio-TFF UF-DF System

The Bio-TFF system is an easy-to-use, automatic UF/DF ultra-filtration system that is well suitable for biomedical technology development, pilot studies, and small-scale production. Bio-TFF system adopts innovative and intelligent design, which can not only improve process performance, but also achieve extremely low minimum operating volume, maximum ultra filtration concentration and optimal product recovery function.

According to the specific process of the customer, the Bio-TFF system can be optionally equipped with an intermediate circulating tank from 10L to 500L, and the circulating tank and the system are designed in separate design, without affecting the operating volume of the system. The system can realize automatic CIP, material and liquid concentration, volume-based filtration, automatic collection and other functions by manual or automatic editing. It is an ideal device for concentration and filtration of monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, blood products and other biological macromolecules.

Bio-TFF UF-DF System

Product Features

  Sanitary design, conforming to GMP and ASME BPE requirements.

  Quattro flow quaternary diaphragm pump, low shear force, low pulse.

  Automatic TMP control, automatic concentration, equal volume filtration, etc.

  Comply with FDA 21 CFR Part11 requirements with English operation system.


  GMP validation files and services.

  Either membrane package/hollow cored fiber is optional.

Application Field

Blood products:

Detoxification, concentration and metal ion removal of albumin, globulin and other blood products


The clarification of cell culture medium, concentration, washing and filtration of virus solution, and the removal of buffer heat source.

Genetically engineered products:

Protein concentration, buffer replacement, bacterial collection.


Fermentation broth clarification, antibiotic bulk drug heat source removal, macromolecular impurities removal.

Biochemical products:

Protein concentration, washing and filtration, and molecular separation according to sizes.

Traditional Chinese medicine products:

The heat source removal with medicine injection, macromolecular removal, material liquid clarification and polysaccharide separation.

WFI system:

Removal of heat, bacteria and clarification with water system.