Sterility Test Canister


Pharmaceutical industry: sterility inspection and microbial limit inspection of purified water, water for injection, sterile preparations (large infusion, small injection, powder, biological products, blood products, ophthalmic preparations, maintenance liquid, etc.)


The elastic high-elastic pump tube is made of special materials and has long-term durability, wear resistance and pressure resistance to ensure complete detection.

Transparent blister packs conform to international standards.

Transparent composite packaging to reduce packaging waste and reflect environmental protection.

Imported medical dialysis packages from the United States can be used to rapidly degrade ethylene oxide and reduce ethylene oxide residues to ensure product sterility.

Microbial retention, microbial growth (sensitivity) and sterility testing ensure reliable and reliable results of sterility testing.

Filter: bubble point method, bacterial retention test.

Chewing stability test: The culture period is 14 days.

Material of Construction:

PVDF, MCE, Cellulose Nitrate (CE)

Sterility Test Canister